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I want to live off the grid

I don't know what is worst, feeling the anxiety, the pain when I am working my job or worrying about my finances. There is no room for myself. I feel so guilty to go off on sick leave since I know how it will affect us financially. And again, I feel a sense of fear and I feel like running into the Forrest and hiding there till the end of my life. Not having to worry about many financial responsibilities but rather live off the land like out ancestors did. I never feel happy! I don't like a lot of stuff and I barely have any personal items. Clutter and stuff worsens my anxiety. If I wasn't married I would live in a shack cause I don't care. But society has made it so we have to live in a house and pay rent or mortgage and bills and forced to spend our money on food at horrible prices and being taxed and taxed and taxed some more. I just want to live a simple life without stress.

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So is this something your partner will agree to. If not is it something you will pursue?

Vipassana have many centres in most countries. After you have been on their courses you can offer to be a volunteer, a very simple life, but no guarantee about your future, your marriage etc, so you will have other things to worry about.

Out of the frying pan into something else. You make your choices and accept the consequences. No help in worrying about them

But it could be good to sit down with your wife and try and work out a plan for the future. If there are things you can't change then you will need to learn to accept them

Meantime you could always try a few days off the grid to see how you would get on!

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