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Don't know if I should go to the doctors scared I'm wasting there time

Over the past year my friends have noticed changes in me I have bad mood swings I become so low at times, I am argumentative and become angry quickly then become low and emotional I cry a lot!

I have little to no self confidence in myself or anything I do! I don't like being me at all

I am constantly tired and have stared to sleep a lot more!

And I am self harming I use it as a punishment for myself for getting angry and sad and upsetting others!

It is really affecting my friendship and I am at risk of loosing my best friend now as he can't take this any more!! And tells me if this goes on are friendship is over help me pls what should I do!

What is wrong with me how do I stop and find the old fun me

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Hi Natnoodle100, first of all, you get the help you so need. Once self harming comes into play, it must be addressed. The bad mood swings are dangerous to you as well as others. There are medications and therapies that can help you through this. Sleeping more is your way of escaping. Please seek help with a doctor and therapist asap. We will support you but you need professional help to start with. My best and good luck Nat.


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