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I am I gonna die?

So I spent a night at the hospital because palpitations have gotten worse and I Feel like my heart feels clogged when it tries to beat I can feel the vibration in my brain sometimes it feels like it's stop then I quickly move and it Starts back up agian the vibrations in my head have gotten Bigger since I left the hospital and it always occurres with the heart beat I don't feel really out of Breath had a cat scan of my brain today and it's normal could one of my artery's be clogged or is this a blood clot (God forbid)

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You'll be granddad had same symptoms

Thought he was dying for forty years

Carried on to 102


For real! But these head tremors that occurs at the same time with my heart beat is Making me insane it's Making me really anxious all the time now


Sounds like 'nerves' and anxiety Colby

If you've been checked out at hospital

And they say you're ok

Then you are

I take Bach Flower Rescue Remedy

Find it really helps me

As I said Grandad had bad nerves and anxiety from war experiences

Lived longer than members of my family without any symptoms

And they all did ok

Just nerves/anxiety/worry

I know it feels bad

But that's all

Believe you'll be fine

You could learn some deep breathing /relaxation excercises online

That will help you a lot too :-)

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The Drs thought he might have something even though tests said he was fine

Gave up work,

Sat in armchair for next 40 years,no exercise at all

Bad panic attacks,palpitations etc

Same as Colby


That's wild... it's so amazing he lived to 102. And honestly he may have lived even longer had he excercised and moved around a lot more

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No you're not dying! I think I'm dying during a panic attack it's all in our head . My Dr reassures me I'm perfectly healthy nothing is wrong me. I feel better after thAt. It helps me when I say that out loud.


Hi Colby, I have also been at the ER 2 times in 3 months and each time spent a night for observation, had MRI /CT scan/ stress test, ekg, all normal thank God, both times I had palpitations, the first time I had numbness/ pain on left side of my body, headache on left side of my body, the second time chest pain. You are not along! These are scary symptoms and I totally understand how you feel. For me since all tests were normal, it must be anxiety related, I started Zoloft and I am less anxious but now developed worse numbness than ever with neck pain, I am making an appoitment with a neurologist to rule out other conditions! My advise is that follow up with a cardiologist/ neurogist even though dymptoms may be from axiety but just to be safe! All the best to you

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