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Heart palpitation when relaxing?

I was having a good day anxiety wise, and just lid down to relax after supper when I experienced a throbbing heart palpitation. Just wondering is it normal to have these when your not in an anxious state at that moment? Or do people with generalized anxiety randomly get them at random times even when not particularly anxious? I understand people having them when they are having a panic attack, but just randomly? It only lasted 2 seconds but still concerns me. Does anyone know any 'rules' on how to tell the difference between serious and non-serious palps? Thanks,

Amy :)

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Hi sorry to hear you are having concerns about palpitations,in my own experience as a long term anxiety sufferer,i have palps which can come anytime of the day,either when i think im having a good day and can be just trying to relax or when out walking,there seems to be no real trigger for them,i think when you suffer from anxiety your fear and flight response is out of control and even when you think you are relaxed,somewhere in your mind you are still worried about the next palpitation,and the adrenaline released can cause high sensitivity to your heart,i was told that palps/pvcs are common,and many people have them daily but cannot feel them,anxiety sufferers are very sensitive to any change in the body so sadly can feel them,personally i would always say go and have palps checked at docs just for your own peace of mind,ive had them now for years on and off,lately been more frequent but my anxiety has worsened also this last thing palps can be worse after eating a meal,something to do with wind ,this has happened to me and after passing wind the palps stop,

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