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Health anxiety or physical problem


My friend who I met online is really struggling. She says she has all the symptoms of small fibre neuropothy but 5 neurologist have said it is caused by anxiety. I have been there so I know what she is going through. All her friends and family are sick of her and i am the only one she can turn too. I sometimes talk to her 2 or 3 times on the phone but wish I could do more. We live at apposite ends of the country so it is difficult for us to meet. She will get her biopsy results in about 3 weeks. I know it is difficult for family friends and doctors to deal the health anxiety but they forget sometimes we do get ill from physical illnesses. All her family say is stop moaning and listen to the doctors. I think she is that sensitised that until she gets the results nothing wiil reassure her. They say the brain can cause all sorts of problems I have told her this but no one can say 100 per cent that the result will be clear. She is thinking about this all the time so she never gives her brain or body time to relax. Thanks for listening

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I do this too . Terrible health anxiety. Many doctor to check many things , even when the doc says it's ok I'm not reassured. I drive people nuts too. I try and joke about it , but in my head it's a living hell. I try to seem fun and outgoing on the outside, but on the inside I'm scared somethings wrong

Maisie1 in reply to Lynl

I have had it too so I can empathise with her. Nothing will reassure her and this is normal with health anxiety. It has taken over her life. She sleeps eats and breathes it. Of course the more she worries the more the symptoms and when they get bad she worries even more its catch 22.

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