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Yet another reason to induce my anxiety

Well I pretty much have awakening to another shock sensation in my brain which made me jump out my bed in panic. I for sure thought I was about to pass out because I guess I was sleep and I had woke up so sudden with a surge to my brain. I jumped up from the bed in panic cuz i felt like I had drifted then that adrenaline came afterwards and I felt it start from my head down. Then my heart started pounding, shortness of breath and I got up tried to walk into the other room where my partner was in there sleep. I was so close to calling 911 but I waited and just woke my partner up to talk to him. I kinda felt dizzy as I was walking in there. But the panic attack last about 3 minutes and my heart pounding slowed back down. But that's not what's so disheartening. I was told earlier todayby the physician at the clinic that my blood work for renal kydney is in moderate danger. Meaning I'm at a level 52 and normal kidney function level is 60. Now I have another reason to panic? But could this be the reason for some of my symptoms? I've of course hit Google and the symptoms are some in the same. Anyone go through this?

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