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I think it's anxiety


I am a male 27. I have a fairly stressful job, but I love it and am in a very easy few weeks. However, I have a big test coming due for work, my youngest is getting surgery and we have a lot going on at home.

At work everything is fine, but at home I snap at wife and kids and am easily irritated. My wife pointed it out. I have eBen done some rude things to strangers who stuff I don't like, ie parking horribly, or going in an express checkout with over the limit amount of items. This is all unusual for me. I am starting to run, but I feel... that feeling right before you explode with anger all the time, except at work, have been for a few weeks. Could it be anxiety or just stress?

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It's both. Trust me. Irritability is a symptom of both. Just allow your self to feel irritated but don't fret over it, otherwise it will make it worse. Just accept it and learn to feel comfortable about feeling uncomfortable. Hope this helps.

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Hi Morrun, I believe it's more likely stress than it is an anxiety disorder. Stress is normal in this day and age BUT still needs to be controlled. You need to find an outlet for that built up anger. It is not healthy. Working out, taking a walk or a run, watching a sports event, in other words something that helps you relax. Of course talking to a therapist could help in putting your stresses in perspective. I'm glad you love your job since that is where a large amount of hours are spent. I wish your son well in his upcoming surgery, I know that must weigh heavily on your mind as well as your big test at work.

As for the other things like being rude to strangers, as they say "don't sweat the small stuff". Let us know are you are getting on after your test at work and your son's surgery. Maybe things will calm down some for you. We're always here to listen. Wish you well.


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