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I think I have Anxiety

I'm 17, I finished my first year of college and I'm now on holiday. Somehow though, with all this free time I have serious issues which I think is anxiety. I went on to the NHS website and I have the following symptoms

- Having difficulty sleeping, which makes you feel tired

- not being able to concentrate

- Being irritable

- Needing frequent reassurance from other people

- Feeling tearful

- Sweating

- Loss of appetite

- Feeling faint

My difficulty sleeping has been primarily caused by nightmares which cause me to wake up at 5am crying. I have acknowledged the recent heat increase in England might have an impact but the nightmares started before the heat wave. Sometimes I over think things at night and worry myself to the state where i'm crying myself to sleep. I have noticed strongly my reassurance issue. Today in a particular, I was at a film meeting which was fairly casual and sociable, came home and had the family there. Then I was alone my mood just dropped and I spent 10 minutes on my bed staring at the wall (which wasn't very interesting). I loss all drive to get changed ready for bed or even stand up. I also have to be doing something all the time, if I have nothing to do or if I'm bored then I get really uncomfortable and anxious.

I just needed to explain my feelings and what I think is making me upset.

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Hello Blondie & Welcome

When I go on google or NHS if i check the symptoms , i can come of having everything thats on there :o , but thats my anxiety

You are 17 , I no it can be a difficult age , how ever you can still as we have lots of young people on here suffer with anxiety

I would go & see your GP & tell them exactly how you are feeling

You may think I cant what will they think , well they will think nothing other than giving you some help , maybe some counselling if needed , but its a good place to start

Also you might find it a little daunting to speak & explain to your GP how you feel

Lots of us do , so we write it down , just like you have in this post & just pass it them & let them read it

You will get lots of support on here , so keep coming on & talking we do understand

Let us no how you go on





Hello Blondie,

Please, if you are worried enough to come here then go & see your gp. It will be fine, my 14 yr old went recently with similar concerns & the gp was very understanding & has made sure she is getting the appropriate help. In fact she was great so please, make an appointment.

In the meantime, here seems a good place for help, support & advice.

Take care

Thomson x


Hi, Welcome.

Google has a lot to answer for! I agree with Thomson and Whywhy, go and see your GP and explain how you feel.

In the meantime carry on talking to us and anyone else who will listen to you and keep doing what you are doing. If you have any relaxation music, try listening to it that might help you at night

Winter xxxx


Hi Blondie, hope you're ok, I suffer bad anxiety at times which is linked with my PTSD. From my experience anxiety is like a spiral, it takes just one bad thought or negative feeling and then every bad thought seems to jump in and the negativity multiplies. I have identified a number of things which make anxiety worse, which include alcohol, caffeine, any stimulant really makes me overthink and gives me all the symptoms you have. I find exercise helps alot, particularly group circuits or boxercise etc.Helps get rid of the restlessness and releases good endorphins. Maybe try change your lifestyle if that helps. Is there anything in particular which is bothering you at the back of your mind?I've had such things I try to put to the back of mind in the past and they just come back unless you sort them. That's just an example. it may not be your case, I'm just trying to think of stuff that may help. By all means try your GP for advice, but I'm wary of over prescription of anti depressants in this society and think they're a waste of space.I've got plenty of experience of all that.Do you have someone you can confide with?I use a website called MOODSCAPE to log my mood daily and try to get a idea of what gets my anxiety going.I have faith in herbal supplements such as Rhodiola Rosea, which I'm taking at the mo. Viridian is a good brand, maybe research it, it has taken the edge of my irritability.

Take care, there are more people out there with the same feelings you have than you probably realise. The Big White Wall is a great website also. = :0), stay safe.


Thanks all of you. I don't really want to go to my GP, because if I told my parents about what I have they won't believe me and I don't want to be on any prescription. I will take your advice Chris and make changes to my lifestyle and see if that helps. One thing which you said about sorting out things in the back of my mind, I want to do that, but if I did I wouldn't get better if I do sort it or not. I'm stuck on that one, so I'll try the lifestyle change. I mean, I have all of this holiday. Go out more and have some fun.


aww you are welcome Blondie, I like to think that we are on this earth to help each other, the good people anyway. My job in life is generally to help people, which actually helps me solve my own problems. I wish I was in a position to help you sort out the 'skeletons in your wardrobe' but I can't advise unless I know, but I lay on an issue for 5 years and in the end it drove me round the bend, so I took the bull by the horns and faced the issue full on and it was sorted out. Life is too short to leave problems.I advise, so others don't make the same mistake. Mine is quite a long story.Well, take some time out and surround yourself with a friend or friends who you can confide in and rely on, that will help.There doesn't appear to be a email option on the site, but if I can help further please do not hesitate to ask. My email is Chris21053@yahoo.co.uk

Regards Chris


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