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Perimenopause had unleashed my anxiety once more

Hi All - I am a lifelong sufferer of anxiety and I honestly thought a few years ago I had licked it - I became panic attack free and enjoyed a 'normal' the last 2 months I became unwell and it just kept going and all of a sudden my health anxiety reared it's ugly head and there came the panic attacks - I have been suffering from hot flashes and things associated with peri menopause and this I think has set my anxiety off again - I'm finding it really hard to cope with life again and feel like I'm drowning - add to this a full time job - 2 kids an unsupportive partner and you have a very unhappy lady - I'm struggling with all sorts - can't sleep, horrible flaky dry skin, hot flashes, feeling of doom, dizzy spells, thinking I'm dying the whole time - it is sucking all the life out of me - on the plus side I'm doing so much to improve my health but it's just so frustrating when day in day out you have to go through this hell...I wouldn't wish anxiety on my worst enemy and it's the people who don't suffer from this debilitating condition that have absolutely no idea what you are going through and just think you are a freak...rant over...

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Hi! I am going through exactly the same! It's just like I wrote everything in your post myself! It's such an awful time this perimenopause so I really do understand what you are going through. Do you feel totally overwhelmed with it all? It feels like I'm trying to walk through a swimming pool of thick mud, while feeling so bad and helpless. I truly understand what you are going through and if you ever want to talk to someone who is in the same situation then please do. I'm 44 and a single mum to two teenagers. I'm relieved to know I'm not the only one suffering from this absolutely awful time in my life but I'm also so sorry that you are going through it too laneyDay. I'm here to listen if you want to talk. Sending you lots of strength, from Amanda x


I'm hearing you there, it's the same thing for me. I'm so sorry that your partner is not supportive or understanding of your situation. I hope you feel supported here and manage to overcome this beast.

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I'm the same as you Laney88

I've suffered anxiety since I was 13 and now going thru's come back with a vengence 🙁

The palpitations, hot do's, panicky feelings and lack of sleep is wearing me's vile isn't it....

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