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Feeling pretty awful

Over the past 5 weeks I have been living in terror. I had my first panic that lasted for 10 day without relief. How I describe my feeling, is that is you are a passenger on plane, then the captain announces the plane is going to crash land. That feeling is how I felt for that long period of time. I could not sleep, eat, breathe, feeling I had food stuck in my throat, scared of the dark, agitated and a feeling of complete dread and doom. My GP refferred me to a psychiatric who prescribed Lorozepam and I stated CBT. I have lowered my dosage but still have this horrible feeling that comes and goes throughout the day. I don't know if I wil ever feel normal again.Read less

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Yes I know this feeling well. I'm experiencing the exact same. Can't sleep can't eat mind constantly racing

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I'm so sorry that your dealing with this! I know the feeling all too well! I didn't know what to do, I was always scared! Went to the ER 2 times and saw my doctor whenever they could get me in.. I'd look in the mirror and wouldn't even see the person I once knew, living inside your head can be a very scary thing, so I told myself everyday nikki you have alot to live for, beautiful children, amazing family and a beautiful god that is there even when I didn't feel like he was, so I started forcing myself to go on walks everyday! And I drank kava tea, and black chai spice and my half of table spoon of cinnamon, upped my vitamin intake and did some research on coq10 and that looks like something I'd really like to try, "research them" I hope we can all overcome this and feel great again! Big hugs and lots of prayers your way!


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