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Anxiety and depression

Hi I'm Emma 29 years of age and I suffer with anxiety and depression together and I have suffered for over 4 years I've never come to terms that it's anxiety and if any trouble start family issues etc it makes me ill I panic I fear the worst in things like something bad is going to happening I once convinced myself I had a brain tumour for ages I still do and when I'm ill I get frightened I think something is going to happen bad

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This is exactly how I'm feeling. I fear constantly that something bad is going to happen like I may die. I feel like something is wrong with my brain and I can't stop thinking about it. I've convinced myself I have every brain illness imaginable and I can't sleep because of my constant thoughts. I'm even trying to figure out how can I get a mri or CT scan in the er because I don't have insurance. This is awful how I feel. You are not alone.


It's horrible I know how u mean I asked my gp for a scan and she goes she will do blood test and everything which she did but atill I'm convinced something is wrong


Hello Emma, I'm sorry your suffering like so many other people with this. I imagine something traumatic happened to you to trigger the anxiety and depression!! So when something goes wrong you go into panic mode always fearing the worst. It's like your brain is now pre programmed to expect it. But you know 9 times out of 10 the worst never happens. I know life is full of ups and downs for everyone. When I'm in a bad situation I think it through and instead of going into panic mode and distress I think about the best outcome!! And not the worst. It takes, strength, courage and belief in yourself. It's already there inside you. You just need to practice doing it. move forwards without looking back !! Find something to look forward too. Set yourself a goal and put your energies into that. Good luck Emma


Hi Angep,

Those are great words of wisdom to live by.

I also feel the exact way due to recent Heart Attacks and stents.

I will take you advice under consideration.

Keep well.


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