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Hey everyone do I found the courage to go see my doctor this week well he put me on meds for my aniexty. He put me in buspar. I have been taken it now for 3 days but I'm still feeling the aniexty and my lip went numb yesterday samething I felt before I was on meds. Now it's just worse because of the side effects I feel from the meds bad head aches dizziness upset stomach can't sleeep it's getting to be a lot o don't wanna stop the meds if it's gonna help me so has anyone ever taken this meds and do they help and does these side effects go away

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I was prescribed that same thing but I have not begin to take mine as of yet. I was trying to fight this anxiety without meds. But my doc said it takes about two weeks before it would probably start to work so I can't even say if your symptoms are from the meds already or if it's just the usual fight of anxiety you may be feeling. But that's why I haven't begin to take it because I'm afraid of what the side effects may do and from what you've explained it could very well be a side effect but just call you doc and explain it. That's what I'd do. But I wish you the best


Hi there I've taken buspar but there was no change for me in my anxiety

But I was put on visteril and for me it was a big difference it helped my anxiety I'm on 50 mg three times daily hope you find the right med for you


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