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I hope this is allowed...but, I know how horrifying Health Anxiety and Agoraphobia can be...I'm dealing with a terrifying bout of it at the moment...for about a week now :(

I hate when I go into these ridiculous episodes...always thinking I'm dying of something crazy...

But, I just wanted to let you guys, that suffer from Health Anxiety or Agoraphobia, to know that I have a Youtube channel...all about it. It's not a doctor type channel, but, it's more of a "Look at what anxiety can do to you!" and "You're not alone!" type of channel. It's called, "Living With Health Anxiety". But, I created it over 3 years ago...there are about 200 videos, to date, uploaded. And, some of the videos might help most of you. It's kind of chaotic, raw, and unorganized, but, I'm working on fixing it all, at the moment. Just thought I would share this with you guys.

Remember, you are not alone ❤

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Hi I'm new to the group and I have just recently figured out that I have anxiety. It's pretty extreme and I have been to the ER like everyday for about 2 1/2 weeks.and I'm really tired of feeling how I'm feeling. My day to day is not the same. I've been feeling sluggish shortness of breath scared to just go outside period. I really need help to get over it because I have to many symptoms for me to handle all at once.

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Hi Aaron_curiosity, welcome to the Anxiety Forum. You have picked the right place to come and get the support and answers you need to help with your anxiety symptoms. I think once you know you are not alone, it will help some. It might be better to see your doctor at his office for some advice as how to handle this. I wish you well, we will be here for you.

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