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Hi all this isn't anxiety related tbh I just want to ask if any one has PCOS and what are u taking to help with the weight loss don't get me wrong I don't binge eat more trouble getting me to eat is the problem I do a lot of excersize and yoga eat healthy when I do eat n have smoothies but nothings working and it's driving me crazy doc has got my on some pills n am at slimming world who as well as doc said it is triple hard to loose weight with PCOS if I pish my self any harder think that will go bad as I'm doing that much my body aches to the stage of not able to walk properly :( saw my doc other day n my weight hasn't changed up or down so kinda good it hasn't gone up but a bummer it hasn't gone down even a lb felt gutted because I have put my self through hell so wondered if any one else has pcos and what they are doing

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Hi Heather, there's a forum along side this called healthy eating !! I don't know if anyone on there maybe able to help you but it's worth a try. I know of the condition as my ex daughter in law had it. However I don't know about it in anyway that could help you !! Good luck and maybe someone on here maybe able to help you, take care 😀


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