Panic attacks

So last night i posted on here about thinking i had anxiety, it got to the point this morning at 4oclock I was panicking so bad i couldn't breathe and was struggling to keep concious, my partner ended up calling am ambulance as he was that worried and i was taken to hospital, was honestly so scary. Anyhow i saw a councilor today and he told me its more then likely post natal depression and has made a referral for me to go to a therapy group for new mums. Just so happy something is finally being done and i will hopefully be able to sleep again one day!

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  • Dear Rik1233, I'm sorry you had to go to the hospital. That had to be very scary for you. On a positive note, you got to see a counselor and on your way to getting help with the therapy group. I think you will be surprised at how much comfort you will get from a group of new moms like yourself. I wish you well dear. xx

  • Thank you. Im just glad im finally getting the help i need xx

  • Hi Rik

    Sorry that you went through that, but so pleased that you have a positive way forward. Sleep is so important, hope that the zzzz's find you soon.

    All the best Matt

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