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My head is sore

Now I have a new reason to panic. I noticed on yesterday I have a sore spot on my head behind my ear area. It's kinda sore to the touch. It's like only if I scratch or rub or touch in that area it's kind of tender or sore. Not an excruciating pain but it's a noticeable mild soreness and I don't know rather it's an internal situation or if it's my head my brain but it's been two days and that spot is still sore when I touch it. I don't t know what to think of it bit it has me worried that's it's something serious. ..what could this be.

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Truth? It's nothing serious. I'd bet my house on it. And when it goes away, you'll find something else to worry you. I've been there. Worrying is effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum. The fear is always worse than the reality, if it's still there in 2 weeks go the doctor for some reassurance, and spend the 2 weeks thinking about nice things instead :)

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I wish I can even say you are totally right and that I'm gonna be just fine. But I'd be lying. Buy I can see why it makes sense to say that. Because yes I agree I worry times a million and I just don't know. But it does bother me to have a sore spot and it came out of nowhere. But I'll rather give it maybe a week and see if its better then it's all panic from there probably


Hi Icanbeathis2016, I have gotten this from time to time. I would bet that it is a tiny pimple of sorts from a hair follicle. It will go away on it's own. If you are still concerned after a few days see a doctor as AnxiousUsername suggested. It would be best to stop poking at it. x


Could be a lymph node I worried about it and my doc said not to worry


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