Anxiety Issues

Hi, I have been dealing with anxiety for over a year now and actually had to take a leave of absence from work. I was prescribed Zoloft and wouldn't take it because of fear of the weight gain being one of the side effects. I was working so hard on my weight for my son's wedding but finally had to give in and start. I was always thinking I was dying or had a medical issue. I drove myself insane. Now my daughter is going thru the same thing and I have to pull myself together to help her but I feel like I am drowning


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  • I get it.. mine is the other way around.. I was diagnosed and now found out my mother is going trough the same thing.. I feel sick to my stomach . I cried over it . I can't help it.

  • Hi, i been on zoloft for 3 months it took me years to decide to drink the meds because of fear, but i have noticed some good changes i got up graded to 150 mg because my symptoms are still there. I understand how u feel about thinking that your going crazy. But maybe zoloft isent for u i was told that there is other meds that u can try that might help. Just dont give up pray to the lord he will give you peace. And God Bless u and your daughter🙏

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