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Constant adrenalin

Hi. I ran the bear grylls survival race on Saturday and later that evening started getting what I thought was heart palpitations 3 days later its still going on so I went to see my gp who said everything is normal even did a ecg to be sure. He says it's adrenalin and I do have a history of anxiety and panic attacks but none have lasted more than an hour or so. It does feel similar but it's been 3 days and I literally have nothing to be stressed about other than the horrible feeling and how tried and irritable it's making me yet het up at the same time. Ive tried some light exercise and I've tried chilling out on front of a film but it doesn't matter how relaxed I am it won't go away. It's this normal? Any advice on getting rid of this?

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Have a look at this guy's YouTube videos


Ive often wondered if I have sleep apnea. I already keep most of these things in mind but will try to do better to stick to a routine of them and introduce some cabbage into my diet. I eat veg but mostly carrot and broccoli Im guessing they don't count as leafy?


Did you have any drinks, protein shakes, food or supplements leading up to the race that could be a trigger for the palpitations?


No nothing out of the ordinary

The only thing I can think of is that id had quite a bit of chocolate the day before.


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