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sensation of dying while asleep

This morning about 230 am I woke up to a heavy chest, shortness of breath, weakness in my body. In addition, I had a horrible feeling of emptiness, blackness, a void, nothingness, a feeling as if I just died, there was nothing there and I'm back. I started crying, I had an overwhelming feeling of emptiness inside me, a feeling of extreme sadness that I wouldn't be here with my kids, my spouse, that I was gone. It's now 130 pm and I have yet to go back to sleep, im afrail to close my eyes, I have a feeling of maybe sadness/terror, idk, that is just overwhelming me and I can't. shake it and I am continuing to cry constantly. I am on some heavy meds, but have been on them for 20 years now. I am 46 and my birthday was 6 days ago, but never in my life have I felt the way I do now. I'm just not sure what is happening. Has this happened to anyone else before?

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IT'S horrible absolutely terrifying!!!!

I've had it before it feels like you have died and your lost, confused blank scared terrified it's such a weird feeling it's hard to explain and when u come back to reality it's so daunting still! It's all part of the anxiety panic attack night terrors!!! I don't know why it happens I don't know why we even have damn anxiety but all I know is we won't die from it and that in all is reassuring although the reassurance does not hang around for long the anxiety always overides it!

Sorry your going through this but know you are not alone !



Yes i've been going through that for a few years now it seems it started after a lot of tragedies in my life have happened like when my mom died when i was 17 in a car accident i'm 49 now then i got in a big bus accident in 2005 i hurt my back and got surgery . I've been scared to go in any kind of vehicle any were i get very bad anxiety attacks.. thinking I'm going to crash again and die. Now I have Ibs because of the nerves in my stomach when i get a anxiety attacks. Then my father got lung cancer in 2009 he survived intill Jan 30 2010. He died in at his home when we were taking care of him. after that i started to fear death very badly i keept thinking i'm gonna get cancer or something gonna happen to me. went on this juice diet lost all kinds of weight .. i went on a diet craze going to see the my doctor and hospital like crazy thinking i'm having a heart attack or something wrong with every time i get a little pain anywere... in october i got into a bad depression i took a few pills more then i should of xanax i just wanted to go into a deep sleep not thinking this could of killed me luckly i didnt die went to a psychic hospital for three days they put me on zoloft was feeling pretty good for awile but then the pills started make me real shakey and dizzy and a very bad headache so they put me on some other ones called celexa im been ok so far on them seeing a therapisit tuesday cant wait to talk to someone about my problems.. Hope you know alot people know what your going through too i thought i was the only one who was feeling this way at my age...Hope you get some help god bless you if you ever wanna chat please feel free to anytime take care Crystal


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