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Little by little

Well hello everyone i just want to say im am doing fine the anxiety has not completely went away but the more i tell my self im fine and keeping my mind busy it has slowed down alot.. i also want to say i am doing ok now my jaw surgery went good im almost health completely my biggest fear is that the abscess is going to come back again i already had it twice in the same place my dude is helping me get through it he tells me i will be fine the doctor got it all out this time

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Hi Jax78, I'm so glad you are doing better after the jaw surgery as well as the anxiety. As for the fear of the abscess coming back, listen to your man and put the "what ifs" on the back burner. xx


I will thank you i just can't help it all i do is think,think even tho i don't want to but i try so hard not tho dwell on it i know i will be fine. i hope your doing ok😆😆

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