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Looking to get back to work - 3.5 yr gap in CV

Hi Everyone,

I am hoping that someone may be able to help and advise me on what I could put on my CV to fill a 3.5yr gap that I have not been able to work due to burnout, anxiety and a thyroid problem. Its causing me severe anxiety and distress at the moment because I dont know whether to declare my illnesses on my cv or not. I went to see a job coach and he told me to declare it, but my family told me that I should not because of the stigma that still exists. I am going round and round in circles.

Has anyone here been in a similar situation regarding going back to work after a gap of a few years? If so, how did you approach it?

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Hi Hypo-hell. I too have been out of work for three years, due to vertigo, agarophobia, anxiety, etc. I am still out of work, but you have to tell the truth, it's always the best and only policy.


Hi valachia-t,

Thanks for your reply, I was thinking the same because if I put a different reason, I would be constantly worrying in case anyone found out. I dont even know if I will be able to work, but am going to try. Hope you are doing Ok, if u ever need to chat, Im here


Ok. Thank you Hypo-hell


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