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fitting with anxiety from 15 years.try friend to read my story and help me

hi friend hope i recied reply from friend i just wont to share my story i have so many anxiety attack from starting up to now like heart pain kidney pain headache stomach pain IBS sweaty hand legs joint pain shaking body dizziness some different taste in mouth not sleep well not eating well always felling tired some time back pain thinking always that how long i will be my life i loose also my job i check with many doctors many medical test i have don arround 80 diffrent medical test i have done but all r past it some time happen but now always on bed thinking to mouch affried to give me some mediance clonazepam and escitalopram before this medicine work perfectly but now i have so many side effects like rush in body dry mouth joint pain.i need urgent help some can tell me why im like this which medicine can i to get out from anxiety.i will realy apprised and tell me some one have like this sympatos.

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Hey there. Try Saint John's Wort. Yes, it's an herb, but it's the most effective for many, including myself. Don't expect it to make you happy like an ecstasy pill, but after the second day of treatment it won't allow you to panic. It doesn't allow you to sink into depression either and there are no side effects. Give it a try. No prescription needed. It grows on pastures and since it's available to us that easily, doctors won't suggest it as treatment for such a bothersome condition because if we all tried it, the pharmaceutical industry would lose 14.5 billion $ per year not selling Prozac, Celexa and Zoloft!


I see that IsitMe2 recommended St John's Wort. I have never tried it myself but it sounds very effective. I would suggest though, that if you are still on other medication, you check it out with the pharmacist. That goes for any herbal remedies. For instance I was about to buy some Kalms to take on holiday. A doctor said it would be ok to take. When I went to the chemist to buy some, the pharmacist told me that since I was taking Atenolol she would not recommend it at all so I went without. I DID buy some lavender oil that I could out on a tissue should I start to feel anxious. Anything with natural lavender in it works well. Just thought I'd throw in my two penneth.


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