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Hi all,

I have pains, cramps calfs and when I am at rest twitching in my legs that feel really strange.

I lost my father to MND/ALS 4 years ago and I am convince I have it.

I am convince I have muscle wastage even though I have no noticeable issue with mobility or movement. (I have lost a bit of weight recently)

I do have a history of anxiety, panic attacks I thought were more serious etc. I haven't had an attack or the twitching for a couple of years.

Reaching out. Anyone else similar?



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Have you been to a doctor about these problems ?


Not as yet. I only seem to have noticed it the last couple of days. This time last week I was fine on the golf course.


If you have had them before it's probably nothing to be worried about, but I would go to the doctor just to make sure everything is fine.

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Hi there, you do need to see a doctor as the others have said. It could be something as simple as a vitamin deficiency. It's natural to think you have the same disease as someone so close to you who passed away. My sister died of cancer of the pancreas some years ago, I felt quite unwell some time later and convinced myself I had it too!! It turned out I was anemic.make an appointment and tell the gp your fears. You need to have some blood tests done too. 🙏🏻


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