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Hi guys so I don't talk to many people about my anxiety so I had a friend call today for a few hours and from the get go she told me of 3 people who died, one very suddenly a mam of small kids, who wasn't feeling well and went to lie down, she passed away in her sleep, her 14 year old son found her, I know her family and it's so devastatingly sad, but since then I'm shaking, inside I feel so weird really hard to describe just not feeling well, even sitting I feel like Im off balance, this is my worst nightmare of dying young on my kids, I feel so defeated as I'm usually positive and was starting to feel better about my anxiety not everyday but some days, my arms are aching too, my friend left me,not knowing that by telling me all this, it's started multiplying my issues of dying, I feel so c@&p just want to cry, her attitude is when our number is up nothing we can do, she's very positive person, I feel like I'm weak for feeling the way I do, and every sensation/pain in my body has me petrified. 😢

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Are you feeling any better now ?

I understand I do not like knowing anything either of this nature but what I do is tell people not to tell me , maybe next time be honest with your friend and say that you are not like her and maybe wish you were but things like this upset you , if she is a friend she will understand :-)

Take Care x


Thanks bounce I do feel abit better, just trying to take my mind off it,I just have to realise it's my anxiety playing up, I know I really need to tell her, I know she wanted to get it off her chest maybe but I'm not the person to do it with as this is my area I struggle with, it's not anyone's fault because I don't say how I'm feeling to a lot of people, I appreciate the reply x


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