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Can you think yourself to death?

I'm now at my wit's end as I'm starting to get more and more intrusive thoughts that become more frightening. I'm now worried that my thoughts and my mind will go at war with my body as I have thoughts of stopping myself from getting hungry, stopping my heart from beating and all that will override my body and kill me. I have read stories on the Internet that the human mind is very powerful and can cause death and the body to go out of control if these thoughts are that strong. Please please tell me this is normal! I don't want this to happen to me!

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Anxiety does give intrusive thoughts because it's a negative illness but remember they are just thoughts which are unpleasant to have but the key to them is not to worry about them easier said than done and then eventually they will stop but it is hard at the time use mediline website more positive doctors recommend it the reason for the thoughts is anxiety can become obsessional because you are thinking all day about it anxiety has endless symptoms I find beta blockers to calm feelings and situations down because they can get out of control mentally propranolol is good and none addictive depends how severe your anxiety is if going to doctors be honest therapy is good

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You can't stop yourself breathing or stop your heart but anxiety causes low motivation and thus low fitness with consequences for heart and health . Suicide is the major issue though.


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