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when is this going to stop?


I'm 21 years old , my anxiety and panic attacks started 2 years ago.. my life is a nightmare rn..everything is scaring me and im not as confident as used to be.. Although I was underweight but my health was perfect until I got my first panic attack.. Everything has changed since that moment. I'm not the same person, the physical pain is what scares me the most.. The palpitations and pressure in my head and feeling dizzy all the time and the feeling that I might pass out:( It sucks not to feel healthy... I just want to know.. how to install anxiety :( I hate my life and the person I became... Is there any hope that I can get back to my old self?

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Hello :-)

There is more than hope you will get your life back the answer is you will get your life back but it takes time , a lot of patience and all the support you can get :-)

Are you having any treatment either meds or therapy , have you told your Doctor how you are feeling and what you are going through ?

You will find so many people in this Community that have felt or are feeling like you so you are not alone and you can always come and talk about how you feel :-)

Take Care x


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