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Hair loss

Wondering if my hair loss is due to anxiety as had a head trauma 4 weeks ago and since my health anxiety kicked off.

I have started to notice since hair follicles falling off my scalp as well as eyebrows and beard. Always been proud of my facial hair and used the best essential oils in order to take care of it and now am constantly worried about the fact whenever I take a shower I see hair falling off.

I'm 28 yo male and think I am going crazy over what's happened to my body over the course of the past 4 weeks. Also lost weight etc..

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For some people anxiety can cause hair loss , but so can a trauma to as well as some medications , but it usually is temporary but if you are really concerned speak with your Doctor as they can have a look and tell you if you have healthy follicles where they can see hair will grow back

We can all go through a phase as well where as I call it our hair malts but as it does usually hair is growing back and if you think about it if we did not shed some hair and we keep growing it then we would have a massive head of hair or facial hair and would look rather strange :-/

Take Care x

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that is true, my friend. thank you for your reply.

I honestly hope it is the anxiety causing all these

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I have seen many people that are suffering from hair loss problem and for that anxiety plays a crucial role as being stressed and anxious causes the body to produce the stress response. Sound's interesting that you are proud of your facial hair and taking proper care of it by using essential oils. I would like to suggest you to try beard growth supplements from Beardilizer ( beardilizer.com/product/bea... as it is beneficial for growing a stronger, fuller beard.

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Did your hair ever begin to come back? I went through A very stressful panic attack when my wife was diagnosed with cancer a few months back and now notice my hair has thinned out


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