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Ground Moving, Palpitations and Dizziness I'm So Scared :(

Hello everyone, I'm currently going through a panic attack while writing this. The feelings of anxiety are seriously debilitating. I'm currently sat down and feeling like the floor is moving up and down as if I'm on a boat or trampoline. I'm currently on medication to lower my heart rate and BP and on Vitamin D tablets as I'm severely low in Vit D. I've only been on these tablets for just over a month.

I'm currently not working as I've lost my job through this I'm going to say "disease" as I really feel it's eating away at my mind and my life!

Each year is passing me by and I feel like I'm loosing ambition and adventure. My passion and happiness for life is slowly being clawed away. I'm gripping onto it so much and trying not to loose hope.

For the last 10-13 years I've had these horrible symptoms.

Please can anyone help? What do I do? How can I get rid of this and get my life back?

I'm over weight I comfort eat but I know it's wrong! I don't exercise because I'm so frightened to get out of my bed.

I feel like I'm draining everyone around me especially my husband and parents, I don't want to be that burden.

I pray to god this will vanish and I can fulfil my dreams in life.

I wish this for anyone who matches my symptoms. I seriously feel sorry for anyone going through anxiety and depression. Bless you all!

Sorry for the very deep message.

By writing this I feel I've got at least a fraction of pain off of my chest.


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Kimdarling, I hope by reaching out to the forum and writing your fears and duress eventually brought down your symptoms. It is always a little slow on the weekends. I remember those days of the floor moving below me feeling like a boat or trampoline. I'm sorry about you losing your job over this debilitating disorder. I understand how it feels as if our life is slowly passing us by. I've lost friends as well as family members who just can't understand how something they can't see can go on and on. It got to the point where I had to become my own best friend as well as my own advocate to get better.

Years of medication and therapy weren't working anymore, so I took the best of all I learned over the years and started meditating and using deep breathing as my methods for controlling the anxiety attacks. It worked. Slowly and surely, little by little until I was able to go out again (I was agoraphobic). Kim, I can't tell you how powerful deep breathing has become for me whether I am at home or out in public. I do it unconsciously now even driving in the car, it keeps me grounded. No more floor under me moving.

It's the closest I've been to feeling normal again and it's a great feeling. I hope you will be able to find a technique/remedy of what works best for you. Practice it daily, several times a day. Turn to the forum for support and understanding. Everybody really does care about each other. I hope you are feeling a little more calm and enjoy a peaceful and restful evening. x

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Thank you for your encouraging words. I'm constantly dizzy and floor is always moving so it's very scary. Sometimes the anxiety becomes unbareable and I allow it to take control of me maybe for just seconds however yesterday it took over me for hours/ days even.

I want to get my life back on track and I seem to know all the steps i am just frightened to walk forward.

Glad you've found a method to control your panic and anxiety. I do deep breathe, luckily I don't really loose my breath or anything like that. I just get a crippling fear and worry come over me.

The best way for me to get through it is to rationalise and express my emotions physically whether through art or writing or even talking about it out loud. Verbalising the emotion and getting it out in the open instead of keeping it closed up eases the severity.

It's just the floor movement caused by palpitations and the dizziness that's hard to handle for me, I'll get there in the end! I hope!

Healing wishes to you and everyone else going through this disorder.


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Med so strong you would start spinning your whole world is moving to a point as if you are going round and round and you can not get off this ride

So I can not take anymore of this and will not

You should not



Hope you're ok. Don't do anything silly.



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