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Will living far away from home help?

Hi everyone, I'm new here.

I'm 19. I've been dealing with anxiety since mid of 2015, yeah it doesn't happened to me with no reason. A lot of things happened last year (family problem), it surely put a lot of pressure to me. My dad even brought me to doctor, but i stopped meeting him after 2 times because it doesn't makes me feel better.

The thing is, 4 months ago i decided to studying (I skipped college last year) abroad because i thought it'll help me to forget those bad memories. And now here i am, alone in my apartment, feeling incredibly lonely and feel like crying every night.

My parents knew about my condition, but ever since i left the country everything seems unbearable. I'll just call my mom like everyday, and just crying and say nothing, because i don't know how to explain. The last time i went back home was like 3 weeks ago. So, actually there's no reason for me whining that i'm homesick and so on.

I wanna ask you guys, do you think studying abroad (far away from home) with this kind of condition okay? Nowadays, the thing that i'm afraid most is that what if i couldn't finish my study.. :(

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Hello & Welcome :-)

At 19 you are still young and studying away from home will be difficult if this is the first time you have been away from home but not impossible to achieve

Accept feeling home sick is normal as it will make you feel worse trying to fight the feeling

I must say though that you seem to have issues and you said you saw a Doctor twice but did not feel it was working but after only a couple of sessions it would not work , any kind of therapy is usually over a long period of time before you feel the benefits

I also know that if you have problems it does not matter where you live or what you do in life they will follow you where ever you go unless you deal with them so I would think about at some stage looking into seeing a Doctor again :-)

Good Luck with your studies :-)

Take care x


Hi there

Bounce pretty much summed it up.

What I would add is if you decide to come back that is okay, really brave to go in the first place so that is a massive positive.

You sound like you are beating yourself up a lot, hard habit to get out of (I am about to have another go at 35) and one to lose if possible (hard though).

If you can see someone to help address the family issue which seems to be the trigger then that would be great, your health is a priority.

Look after yourself, Matt


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