Constant headaches??

I'm not sure if this is anxiety related or not, but I've been waking up every day with a painful headache. I take paracetamol, but a few hours later, it comes back, so I'm just going through a pack of paracetamol a week. It's a really sharp pain, but not in a specific place, just all over my head. I told my doctor but she didn't even react, which made me think it was a common symptom of anxiety and/or depression. but I looked online (bad idea) and I'm really worried. why am I getting these headaches?

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  • Hi, I get sharp pains in my head All over, i also suffer with neck and shoulder pain, in my case it's muscle tightness caused by anxiety.

  • i had a horrible headache all day and im sure its linked to my anxiety and such. thankfully headaches arent a recurrent symptom for me so hopefully it passes. im sure yours will too.

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