So frustrated

Been dealing with anxiety for around 7/8 years now, been on meds in the past had therapy and recently been going to cbt therapy, hit and miss with sessions though. I have found there has been some improvements and I've been pushing myself to go out more etc. I just feel there's lots of things niggling away at me still, like if I get an ache or pain I do find it really hard not to think about it! Think the worse and find myself constantly going over it in my head. When I go out im usually anxious before I've even set off, so worried about something happening whilst I'm out, don't really no why I think I'm safer at home, it's so confusing. I can have a really good day and then it's back creeping up on me, what's that pain, what's that ache, can I breathe properly etc. I have such weird images in my head where I sort of think/imagine what's going to happen. I get all kinds of strange feelings/symptoms.

Do you get like this too? Feel like it's just me at times.


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  • It's not just you dizzychar. It's a hard habit to break. The longer we have dealt with anxiety the more ingrained it is. But it can be reversed. Try not to get frustrated or expect it to happen quickly. You are so absolutely normal for a person with anxiety issues. It's amazing how a symptom can take us all the way down the road to a catastrophic ending. CBT is good but does take work at our end. Little by little you will see the cloud lifting and things will get better. xx

  • Thanks agora. When I had cbt before and it did help some for a short while. I am trying with the cbt again, just finding some things so difficult, like something called leaves on a stream and it's about closing your eyes, putting your worry on a leaf and letting it drift down the stream, even though my imagination must be great lol I find it so hard to do. i have managed to hardly Google anymore, and not run to the gp straight away if I get a symptom, which are big improvements for me, I'm so tired of feeling this way, it all seems very real and hard to convince otherwise X x

  • Oh dizzychar, my therapist never did the leaves on a stream. Just one more thing to add to my repertoire of remedies. That's progress by hardly ever Google anymore (going for not Googling I hope) or running to the gp with every symptom. CBT was very frustrating for me because I would end up feeling angry with the therapist when we were through. Thinking she couldn't possibly understand or she wouldn't be pushing me. One day everything I learned in the past came to me. They are right :) I was the one who was stuck and needed to push forward. Little by little, small steps helped get me out of the house. With an open mind, keep posting and listen to the different ways everyone takes on anxiety. Use what works for you. One day you will convince your mind that you are back in control again. x

  • I totally understand. I feel the same way. Any little pain, spasm, cramp, headache, stomach issue, etc, I think the worst! Anxiety be Gone!

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