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Seeing pictures of the word stuck in my head and everything I look at I see it in my mind!

Hi everyone. There was someone on tv I heard who said something about this word I don't want to say the word but the person said in the show anything you look at could resemble that word. And then after that person on that show said it, It startled me and I started to see images of the word in my mind and anything I look at now I see the image of the word in my mind! It's physically the word itself in my mind! Now I know the guy on the tv show didn't MEAN it like that.but it gave me this real bad intrusive thought in my mind and I still have it! I'm not really saying the word in my head, but I get it stuck in my head! Like anything i look at will resemble that word in my head! I can like see an image of the word in my head and that's how it seems like anything I look at it I see the word in my mind! And sometimes when I look at people I see the image of the word in my head and it makes me think that those people are what that word is! I know this might sound crazy but it's giving me high anxiety! It feels like I'm going crazy.i try not to think about it, but it's just EXREMELY HARD TOO!I get too hyperaware of the word in my mind and its just taking over my consciousness I just wanted to know if anyone else has this issue, and if it's just a hyper awareness thing. Sometimes it feels like I am the word! What i mean when I say that, is when I feel my physical sensations on my body and it and it feels like My whole body is that word! I just constantly see the word in my mind and I see it with anything that's around me. I just think this is VERY strange and I hope you guys understand what I mean.when I 1st wake up I think of it and see it right away in my mind while looking at anything around the room! Sometimes I feels like I FEEL the word! I think I'm just being to hyper aware of that word in my mind and I just can't take my mind off it. But again, I'm not saying the word in my head, I just see pictures of it in my head that get stuck and I see it with anything I look at. It's like making me not stand being alive! But at the same time I want to be alive.Please someone help me with this and if any of you gone through this, or going through this, will REALLY help me. And please tell me if this is what hyper awareness can do or cause this or if this intrusive images, thinking, in head. Or if it's both. And if there is suck thing as being hyper aware to a word in your mind.

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I have similar things to this, not necessarily the same but similar. Try laughing it off instead of fearing it. It's the fear of these thoughts that keeps it going around in our minds. Accept it for what it is, a bit of an obsessive thought, nothing more. It can't harm you, you're not going insane. It's just the mind up to it's old tricks. Laugh at it. It will lose it's power.

I hope this helps.


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