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Is it anxiety and panic attack ?

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Hello all,

A year ago i had a surgery to remove something from my body that had an inflammation, i forgot the body part but it is useless and if kept with inflammation it could bomb inside u and kill you..

So due to that i was vomiting and i had fear of vomit so right before i vomit i would feel a taste in my mouth and then go vomit

Now i feel like a lump in throat and like a weird taste in my mouth, haven't drank water in a while it wasnt like the taste of the vomit but i immediately got scared and was about to have a panic attack fear of vomiting...

How can i get rid of this?! idk its both panic and anxiety.. im just tired of this i want it to stop

Update 1: I also feel mucus inside my throat

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I have anxiety and a phobia of vomiting. When I have panic attacks I have actually made myself dry heave because I think I'm sick so I make myself sick. I started an intensive day treatment to help with anxiety but they said I have ptsd and ocd including the phobia which can really only be solved by desensitization in another treatment. Not sure what they will do for this phobia but it's taken over my life since 1st grade so I can definitely relate! Sorry I can't help much but I do know exposing yourself to your fears slowly is supposed to help.

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