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Hi everyone, I've been through hell and back with health anxiety for over 6 years and recently created a podcast for other sufferers to listen to. You'll find that you can relate to many things I once went through, and i'm sure you;ll find many answers. The link is below, enjoy.



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  • Im sorry but i can't seem to know how to play the audio, can u please help me? :)

  • Ive been listening to your podcasts all week (currently re-listening episode 2) and let me tell you that its great !! I currently suffer with lightheaded, neck tension and muscles weakness. Your Podcasts are great and I recommended to everyone out there. Its been a great help on staying positive and knowing theres is a light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Mind helping me play them because i do not see to know how..

  • I believe the simplest way is to go into iTunes store, look up podcasts, and search the term The Anxiety Guy. The other way is to find the New And Noteworthy section and you'll see it ranked 6th there :)

  • Thanks for the great feedback Pipas keep up the progress and i'd love to hear any updates from you here.

  • I can't get it please advise

  • First you'll need iTunes on your phone or Computer Vman, next just search The Anxiety Guy on the search bar on iTunes and it should appear. Or if you click on the link I put up above it will take you to the page.

  • I watch his videos on youtube. Here is the link : youtube.com/channel/UCh6HDK...

  • Tks Pipas, just to mention i'm not a therapist or mental health professional. But as a certified CBT Life Coach people have seemed to make very positive changes through these podcasts and episodes, thanks again for the follows :)

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