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Are these feelings real?????

Hi... I've had health anxiety for about 10 years. I recently had my 5th child and my anxiety is at its worst. I wake up everyday so sad knowing I'm not going to be there for my children because I feel I'm dying of a brain tumor. I've had this dull pain in the same spot on the back of my neck on the right side for about 3 months. The pain comes and goes, I feel it about 5 days a week off and on through out the day and some days my right arm feels heavy, numb, and tingly. I've felt dizzy a few times and had a bad vertigo experience when I turn in my sleep the other night. I feel like I stumble my words and have ear pain sometimes (I do have TMJ and clench my teeth all the time) but I'm so scared. I've went to the doctor but she didn't seem worried and visited the eye doctor and he said everything looked healthy inside my eyes, but I don't believe my doctor done enough so I'm going to a different one next week but I'm so scared. I'm fear I might be right this time....

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I will for you


Anxiety is worst thing to happen to is in bearable


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