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Hi everyone, I use to be on here frequently and I want to say I'm sorry that I haven't been on here for weeks now, I sort of been dealing with my anxiety on my own, I never forgot about this forum but I just didn't know how to help if I'm not in a mind set to comfort anyone but to be honest these past few months I've learned about myself, I hope everyone is doing good, I have to come back to this forum to continue to help anyone who's struggling, I can't forget about the people and I won't ❤ and to tell you all the truth, there is a reason why I want to be a director of movies, I had movies and shows help me through hard times, I hope I can do the same for others through movies I will direct and I will try my best to come back to this forum on full swing to help people, I really care about others 😊


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  • Alan_98, no need to be sorry. You have to take care of yourself first. I hope you will be back soon though. You are a very caring and sincere person. You are a good example of what this forum is all about. I will be looking forward to the day I can watch a movie directed by you. Meanwhile, take care Alan. You are in our thoughts.

  • That's awesome I sing in a band and it helps me not have anxiety when I do what I love :)

  • Iv been very low since I buried my mum 2 days ago it does help with the support of friends on this forum take good care of yourself we all deserve a good life. God be with you. Alan10 10.

  • Thank you alan and you as well.

  • I am deeply sorry for the loss of your mother. I have buried close family too. I can only imagine you are devastated. Yet you honour your mothers memory by offering best wishes and love to those struggling! My heart truly goes out to you and I admire your love and courage.

    I wish you peace and sincere condolence.


  • So glad to hear you feel better. You are set to follow your dreams, go for it! I think you are a 'mensch' a great guy for reaching out that hand of hope to others. Who knows what you may achieve and it's great to know you'll be an ambassador for the depressed, the anxious and misunderstood. What a champion.

    Peace and respect to you


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