B****y terrified!

hi all

not sure if Im in the right forum area. I have anxiety disorder and this week has been hell with lots of stressors and upsets. Im emetophobic and have periods of IBS(C). But today I had an episode of IBS(C) and Ibs(D) simultaneously (sorry to be crude. I am Literally Terrified of it being a bug. Is this something that happens? And how do I know its just IBS "gone mad"?

Any replies Hugely appreciated as Im sitting here in bits.


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  • Oh no sorry for late reply just read this and wanted to ask if you are ok?

    It looks like I have IBS too, doctor at the.local hospital told me it's a fancy name for having an overactive bowel. It's a horrible thing to have though. I think it's just a matter of trying to figure out what foods don't work for you and trying to ease stress if possible.

    Let me know how you are and I'm sure you will get other replies later x

  • thanks for your reply. Yes its something Ive dealt with for years but it "calmed" quite a bit over the years. Its just today having had happen what happened Im literally afraid of my own shadow (having a health phobia doesnt help of course). Im terrified in case its a bug but i dont think it is - it was just very distressing as my anxiety usually manifests itself in other ways these days. thanks again W

  • I completely understand and so will most people on here. Health anxiety is an awful thing to deal with and people do not always understand it unless they have had it. I hope things get a bit easier over the next couple of days for you. Keep in touch x

  • thank you SO much. I do hope things calm down - Im "listening" to my body for any odd sounds or feelings Im so sensitised to it right now. W

  • I do that as well... slightest thing I'm like omg what's that. PM me anytime if you need a chat x

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