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Dont know if it's aniexty just scared

Hey for over 7 months i been feeling lightheaded fainting spells getiing really hot and getting sweaty hands and feet and head pressure feels like tingling and numb sometimes. I cant even enjoy life and regular activities anymore and im only21 years old i just wanna go back to the old me. Im sentivive to light n noise sometimes. I do worry alot too. And right now im an anemic too.

Its hard for me to be out in public or even try and go out to places i start wanting to passout n get really hot quick

I have to kids one is 2 years old and my other one is a 7month old:/ it hurts when i cant enjoy it with them or even do some fun things with them like regular parents im just sick of feeling like this. :(

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Sounds like anxiety especially since you just had a baby which can make you feel even worse.ive been little one is a year old and i had very bad post partum anxiety and depression which sounds very similar to you.i have a 3 year old too and plus im pregnant now with my 3rd.and believe me the pregnancy has just made my anxiety so much worse.have you been to a sychiatrist (or however u spell that) or are you on any medications? I was perscribed celexa and klonopin which was a life saver for me.

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Yes i been to a hospital stayed two days cus of my heart rate was up and did a xray and ct scan. But they didnt find anything so i went to my primary care doc all she said for my head it could prob just be a migraine i have and prescribed me with some pills.. But if that dont work hopefully i can go to a neurologist soon or a phycologist. These doctors out here dont seem what there doing and it just makes me more nervous/upset cus i tell them how i feel and they act like they dont know..


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