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Half of my fingertip is numb?

All of a sudden half of my fingertip on my left index finger is numb. It's a really small space (not even a square centimeter) and hardly noticeable but it's freaking me out! I've been sitting slouched against a wall typing up some schoolwork most of the day, maybe I pinched a nerve in my back or something in my hand from typing for a few hours? I looked it up and that can cause the numbness...I'm just a little freaked out because it's a weird sensation, but I'm trying to tell myself that the fact that it is only half of one fingertip means it's most likely not a serious issue, but the irrational anxious side is telling me it's a blood clot, diabetes (even though I don't have it some of my relatives do and I worry about it constantly), etc. What do you think it is? I'm away from home right now, going back in 2 weeks but I can't see a doctor unless it is an emergency. I just need some other people to talk to who understand anxiety and can help me figure out what is going on.

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Anxious2445, I wouldn't be worried about it. All the tips of my fingers are numb due to typing as well as having carpal tunnel syndrome. I have trouble picking up a dime or trying to thread a needle. It's not painful, just something I got use to. With you It's probably from typing. It's not a blood clot and is not an emergency. See how it is when you get back home in 2 weeks. These things happen. Try not to worry.


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