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I need some help with my panic attacks

Hello....Im a 30 year old female who has been suffering with anxiety for about 10 years...ever since my brother was in a car accident that paralyzed him. I am always fearing the worst. I feel like I'm alone because my husband doesn't understand why I feel like crud all the time. My right side of my body seams to be the side I hurt in the most. wondering if anyone else feels like this. I have a spot in my back that hurts around my shoulder blade area that radiates down my right arm and armpit and into my chest near my collarbone....I have an upset stomach all the time and I'm tired as I can't sleep be used I'm always panicking. All I want to do is sleep the pain away. It ry to get enough exercise and drink plenty of water and eat healthy....but unfortunately I'm a stress eater. I've been to the dr and my dr doesn't feel I need to be medicated. I can go a week sometimes too without any symptoms and then they hit me in full force. If i stay busy at work and my mind is busy it doesn't bother me as much but the second I'm away with my thoughts it's like the pain is there. I just can't seem to calm my mind down. Please help! I feel terrible because I'm so short and crabby and I want to be the fun mom and wife like i need to be for my son and husband.

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Hi Elizabeth, it's horrible for you, I'm so sorry to hear what happened to your brother. Something like that is bound to affect you greatly. All I know is there's a part of our brain that try's to take control of us and make us anxious. Making us dwell on the bad things that have happened in our lives. So much that it consumes your every thought.being busy as you said makes it easier! That's a big part of the answer for me too! I try to be constantly doing things. Walking helps ease my symptoms. I distract myself by doing something when I feel it starting!! I know it's not easy but I hope your symptoms ease soon😀


Hi, I'm 31 and have been going through the same thing on and off a little over 10 years. I'm grateful to be very healthy and not on medication. I try saying positive affirmations to start my day and also I take deep heavy breaths when I feel the anxiety coming. It helps


Your not going to like my advise but it is the only thing that will rid you of these attacks , Tell it to do its worse ) when you have an attack just repeat( go on do your worse I dont care) and mean it , because it can not harm you , your own thoughts are causing it feeding it , you must break that pattern , please try because at the moment its all anxiety , the will come when you do get an illness and your anxiety will make it worse , break your thought pattern ,


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