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Worried Worried

I've come to despise the word. And, for the most part, I am worried about nothing. Nothing real that is. I mean that is happening. If it can happen, I worry. Not about everything, but too much.

I hate leaving my house for any reason. Mostly, actually, because I am comfortable here, but some is attributed to my dog, who is well TG, and much is attributed to a bunch of locals a couple of years back who decided to slam me all over the internet - nasty pages, lies, libelous statements ("oh that's freedom of speech" !!), all because (and I kid you not here) I didn't vote for one of them when he ran for a local public office.

So here I am. My sweet dog next to me. I think I finally convinced her that I really am ok even though sometimes I wonder ;-)

I hope I can get some help here as well as be supportive of others.

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the world is mish mash of different things, not all despicable. lots of v helpful people out there, lots neutral people, a few bad eggs. I am not the way I would like to be all the time and am sure it is the same for others ;) short trips outside for an errand e.g. walk the dog and pick up book ordered from library may help you feel better about things

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It seems you have suffered at the hands of some very spiteful and cruel people. It sounds as if you have dealt with this with great dignity. There is no doubt in my mind that you will be able to use your own hard won experience to help others. I hope you find this forum helpful, it has made a positive difference in my life.



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