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How to control my anxiety? Or accept that my anxiety is causing all the problems not an illness?

So my anxiety all started two months ago during the time of my GCSEs but they continued after my GCSEs too. This is because I have a very severe fear of being sick so while I was feeling ill for 6 weeks because of anxiety and stress for my exams I got worse and now fear being ill instead. How do I control my anxiety? My friends and family are all finding it extremely hard as they are constantly telling me I am fine but I dont think so and I keep bailing on my friends cs I dont feel well enough to see them, I nearly didnt go on holiday wiv my best friend cs I was barely eating cs I felt ill. I don't know what to do! My life has paused and I just wish I could go back to enjoying my life instead of worrying 24/7. Pls help me!!

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It is such a dark place to be. I'm so sorry you are there right now. I have been there before and the only way I finally got out was with medication. I took it and I began to feel better. I slowly stopped after about a year.

My health anxiety came on after my baby was sick. He needed surgery and I held it together until he was better but then I fell apart. I was so afraid of being ill that it consumed me! I thought I was sick for months and was convinced I had a bunch of ailments!

Now, 7 years later I still get these feelings but I think back on all of the things that I swore I had and obviously didnt, and I realize how powerful my mind can be! I also try to remember how the symptoms were so real! Anxiety can make you have physical symptoms and it's terrifying! I still struggle at times but this perspective is very helpful!

I don't know what to tell you that can help you right this minute but I can tell you that you will feel normal again! You will get through this! You are not Sick, you are just anxious. Go to the doctor if you need to... Exercise, eat and drink water! Journaling is helpful. Don't look on the internet for your symptoms, it's never helpful! Pray, to whomever or whatever drives you... I just pray to the universe. Believe that you will pull out of this.

I really hope you feel better soon.


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