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Anxiety over health

Ugh this sucks seems like for some reason my mind always finds something to worry about which makes my anxiety worse. I keep getting anxiety about my heart I get these crazy thoughts and if they last long enough I start feeling really sick like I might faint. It's extremely exhausting. No matter what I do it's like the thoughts are still there. I've been to the doctor to get checked out and everything is fine except for a back injury I have from whiplash. I just wanna be able to enjoy life without thinking something bad is gonna happen to me all the time :(

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Hi sadgurl21, it must be very exhausting for you to have your mind in overdrive all the time. Not only exhausting but it keeps fueling the anxious thoughts that something bad is going to happen. You say you have been cleared by your doctor except for the whiplash. Then what prompts the thoughts, is it something physical you are feeling.? Why the focus on the heart? I think if you can have these addressed maybe through therapy, you might be able to get rid of some of those negative thoughts. You are going to have to go back to when this all started and work from there to the present. There is always a reason for anxiety to take over. x

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Been there!!!!! I know how you feel, it's all in your mind! Trust me! Fight it, block those feelings...


Thanks :)


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