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Hi everyone, so I've been off from work for two days and I feel like crap. Im lying in bed and got this dull ache in my left arm , then my back started to hurt. My mind started to play tricks on me once again thinking OK I'm having a heart attack!! Arm is still aching but my back has stopped hurting. I don't know if the pain is coming from lifting heavy objects, or sleeping in the wrong position! This is just way too annoying . 😩 do I need to visit the ER ? Any answers are excepted. Thanx in advance


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  • Anxietytroll, I'm sure lying in bed for 2 days hasn't helped your back. As for the ache in your left arm, did you lift heavy objects? I always try to remember what I did to prompt the different aches and pains I may get. Whenever there's a reason, it goes away as quickly as it came. I would think you need to get out of bed and move around a little. Unless you are very ill with a fever, it's best to walk around to get the muscles from not getting tighter from the anxiety and fear. Make sure you have something to eat as well as hydrate. I hope you will feel better very soon. x

  • Hi Agora1 yes I lift heavy objects at work Thursday. This pain comes and goes the arm that I'm referencing to was injured some years ago from an accident where the widow shattered and bits of glass got stuck into my are! After the Dr stitched me up she had to go back in because more glass was found and til this day I still believe some is there because its a lump at the site that feels like glass . I've been to the er over the years for this exact same thing but they won't do an xray just told me its arthritis! I beg to differ! So that might be the cause of the pain I don't know and not to mention my sleep positions are way off. Lol . but I will take your advice and get up and try to move around a bit, I just feel exhausted for some reason like I have no energy!

  • I had a similar pain episode the other day in my wrist and up my arm. I couldn't think what I had done at first, until I later realised it was the arm I broke as a child. The barometer had dropped due to a low pressure system followed by intense rain. Rheumatism is a horribly achy sensation you may Jane for mammy hours and which usually goes when the low pressure subsides.

    I'm not saying this is what you've had but think about it. If you get any discomfort or pain in your chest area though you need to seek medical advice ASAP.

  • Aches and pains can part of having anxiety. I have sciatica and when my anxiety is really bad it acts up. Sometimes sending me to the er. My heart races to and my arm feels numb. The worst part is never knowing when or where your anxiety will set in. Try and relax and do something to distract yourself from those icky feelings. I know that can be hard to do. Hope you feel better soon!

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