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I feel like I'm letting my kids down. I've always been a good mum. I have problems with my ear and neck even though Drs say I am fine. I feel dizzy all the time. My head feels wobbly woozy and full of tension. I had anxiety 9 years ago but I wasn't dizzy. Then when my 1st child was born I was better. But now this has happened. I think about suicide but cant bare to leave my kids or leave them without a mother. I don't know what to do anymore I just want to be normal me again for me and my kids sake x


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  • Need-hope, whenever I hear the "s" word, it saddens me as well as concerns me. Looking back over your posts, it seems that you have had all the tests done as well as seeing a neurologist. And that is good that the tests came back normal. But I know that it still doesn't help with the dizziness you are feeling. I was wondering how the doctors left it with you dealing with this issue. Do they think it's anxiety? Are you on any meds? There is hope but first you need a diagnosis so you know what you are dealing with. I have severe neck problems so I can understand how your head feels as well as feeling off balanced. I am however not dizzy. Anytime we feel out of control it is a scary situation. I hope you get some answers soon. xx

  • hello, yes I am on citalopram and beta blockers. It upsets me that all tests come back fine. I know that sounds strange. But to feel like this and be told nothing is showing up wrong confuses me. I should be fine and enjoying life. I though about suicide when I was 21. I then fell pregnant with my 1st child then everything changed for the better. But things are bad again.

  • Hi, depending on how long you have been on both medications, sometimes they can be the problem. Both are good meds but depending what your vitals are can make the difference of feeling the way you do. I would think though, that the neurologist checked your blood pressure when lying down, sitting and standing. Sometimes it just takes a little tweak with your meds. The best thing is to see the doctor who prescribed your medications. Do not change the dose on your own please. Maybe, just maybe, that might help. x

  • Hi Need-hope I'm experiencing these same symptoms! One question have u had any toothaches lately? I asked because I've had a toothache the last couple of days and I've been feeling the same way to the point I think I have a middle ear infection its driving me nuts. Went to the dentist got meds but that didn't help I still feel dizzy and my neck stick hurts and I don't know if that comes from the way I sleep or not! I'm no Dr but I think the neck pains are from tension ! Try stretching or mild exercise or even meditation! That's what I'll be doing hope it helps! Praying that we find some relief

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