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Driving my self crazy

So dose eney one else do this? I'm constantly checking my self for lumps also do it to my kids I'm driving my self crazy cus in have 2 lumpth nodes in my neck that have never gone down had them some years now doctors don't seem worried about them say they are compleatley normal and some lymph nodes don't go down to normal size but I carnt stop touching um n poking um n Google in about them driving my self insane :(

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I think you'll see in previous posts there are a lot of us that suffer from health anxiety. We think about the worse case scenario, google like crazy to see what it might be, and become impatient when we don't have the answers right away.

It's okay to be worried about something and think about it. But can you allow yourself to just watch the train and let it go by rather than jumping on it? Can you watch the fishes in the pond and let them swim away rather than jumping in and trying to catch it?

I'm not saying ignore your thoughts and concerns because If we force ourself not to think about something of course it's harder. It's like my therapist says...If someone told you not to think of pink elephants you still will cause you're trying not to think about it. It's all about letting the thought come, acknowledging it and letting it go.

It's good you are concerned about your health but it's how much worry and emphasis you put on it can make all the difference in not making your anxieties spin out of control. I of course am learning this the hard way right now and am having to take my own advice.

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