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afraid to die of allergy reaction

This period I am so afraid to die of an allergy reaction.. I know what I'm allergic too, and I never eat it. But since I started having this anxiety I have fear of eating food otherwise I feel I will die of an allergy reaction... I lost so much food because I eat little and mostly when I don't feel that tense..

When I eat pretty much anything I start having problems breathing, feel a lump forming in my throat and there's a tickling feeling in my throat.. I get panicky and afraid to experience a shock reaction even though I always used to eat this food.

Is that really anxiety? some kind of psychosomatic response on an organic level to my subconscious fear??? Please advise, or support, cause I feel I'm going crazy... never been that depressed in my life ...

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It's okay to feel scared and it's natural that you are because of your allergies but hey you know what you're allergic too right and you know to be careful and what to avoid and just take it step by step don't eat anything you don't feel comfortable with, take it step by step


I have food allergies! Severe! Now with my anxiety so high, I avoid food... I've lost tons of weight! Every time I eat I panic!


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