Is anyone trying therapy at the moment! If so is it working out for you n worth the money. I'm thinkin trying therapy I feel like I'm nit getting anywhere with my anxiety n medication, there's a women I might be seeing, she sounds really nice, but then she has to be for £50 for 50 minuets, right? Or am I just over thinkin? I don't mind paying it as long as I know it's really going to help. Is anyone else using therapy or even counselling? X


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  • I just started therapy after researching the individual and making sure he specialized in what I have. I say that it's worth it

  • i have been doing cbt for three years and it has helped so much.

  • Hi Melanie29 its Ria 888. just looking at the forum letters and saw yours. it will work. as it has done for myself. 😇I Am having therapy and it has already been help full to me I use to have terrible times with bad memories "flash backs" and I just said to my partner whom. is a GP

    We were just conversing , and I said that as a client in therapy first you must want to go ahead with therapy. i.e. feel ready as its not easy you have and do a lot of Reflecting and it takes a whle to gradually proceed ahead. The thing I am trying to help with is after a good 6months I have never looked back.. lol No more horrid times in my mind.; and I am more focused, 😊Happier and more confident as I am still continuing the programme. Hope thus has helped. All the Best.

  • Hi Melanie29... Just to say. I am. having Counselling..

  • I've been in therapy for 3 weeks now. I go once a week. I've been very emotional but honestly it's comforting knowing I am going to go talk to someone. I think it's helping me. I look forward to every Friday when I get to go talk and cry, share my fears with some one .

  • Hi Melanie

    I had counselling and found it really helpful, but I think you could get it for a lot less, I only paid £25 for private sittings. I also found relaxation music helpful too, which you can download off the internet, Mood juice is a good site.

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