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First time for everything I guess...I'm new but here goes

Hi, I'm not going into loads of detail but basically I have been suffocating with anxiety and depression for 4 yrs on and off. This year has seen it get worse, I'm not supported at work and am forcing myself to go in everyday (in fact I've just received a warning for my sickness levels), I don't feel supported by the Psychiatrist I saw today, I'm a burden to everyone who I come into contact with or at least that's how I feel, ugh I could go on but I won't bore you. My poor fiancé didn't sign up for this and neither did my family. Why can't I just get on with stuff and not constantly feel like I'm drowning and just managing to keep my head above water. It's got to be better than this hasn't it? I'm medicated to my eyeballs nobody tells me what it is that is happening to me, half the time I feel like I'm being passed from pillar to post, not a person just a name on some medical notes... Nobody really helps it's just a long , drawn out process of appointment after appointment and the odd referral to the crisis team. How I'm still here I just don't!!! 😢😢

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Hi there I've sent you a pm x


I'm a day new here, I reached out because it can feel like you're the only one suffering this, trust me I know first hand, and I hear ya on the work sickness, I'm working through that too, but you are NOT a burden. I got passed around from doctor to doctor, but guess why??? Because I am healthy...its my thoughts that are causing me this anxiety. I'm working on it and if you learn to trust yourself a little bit and self talk good things it helps. You can get through this, I feel your pain. But remember we are all here going through it together. Be well. (=

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