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I think I fainted from anxiety?

I know anxiety/panic attacks almost never causes fainting but here's my story. So 5 years ago I went to the eye doctor to get contacts for the first time. The assistant was there with me as I tried to plug the contact in my eye. I tried it so many times and it wasn't working. So I got really frustrated and then I just pushed the contact in my eye so hard and it ended up getting stuck in my upper eye. All of a sudden I feel this adrenaline rush towards my head, started feeling nauseous, and as I was running to the bathroom I just passed out. I fell on the ground on my face and I got a couple of bruises. So I fainted from anxiety right? I'm confused because I thought anxiety never causes fainting.

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Yes you can faint through anxiety I did a few weeks ago and ended up in A&E but couldn't find anything wrong x anxiety gone into over drive x


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